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January 7, 2010

Tell All Your Friends that You Just Haven’t Met Him Yet

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Yes, we are all familiar with the Michael Buble song “Just Haven’t Met You.”  For a lot of us, this is our fantasy.  We wake up one day, and everything works out perfectly.  We finally have an explanation for why nothing has been going right in our love lives.  Past relationships are in the past. 

Do you believe in soulmates?  I do.  It’s not necessarily the one right man for me, but it might be the one right man for me based on where I choose to live or what I choose to do for a living–or whether I decide to go out on Saturday night or stay home.  It is my belief that I will meet my soulmate.  Even if I was supposed to me him on Tuesday and ended up staying home that day.  It will happen at another time.  You don’t miss out or lose your opportunities.  New opportunities pop up to replace the old. 

You do have to open your eyes and be aware to see the opportunities around you.  Some people only see faults and negativity in everything.  When looking for a soulmate–or really for any other purpose in your life–it’s best to have a positive outlook.  The quality of your interactions will immediately improve.  The quality of your LIFE will improve.  There’s no going back once you see how good it feels to approach life with a positive mindset. 

And when your friends talk to you about their husbands (or wives) or their children (and you are childless), there’s no reason at all to feel that you are less than they are.  You should just tell all your friends that you just haven’t met him yet.



  1. I believe this too. But what if you HAVE met him? What if you know him, you know exactly where he is at this moment and you have shared memories together – yet he lies 30 miles away in his bed sound asleep and I lie awake in my own bed wondering how he could not miss me and trying anything to numb the ache for him…
    I have met my soul mate. He’s prefect for me. And I know I will meet someone else who will love me and it will work…but he won’t be the first guy. He’ll always just be second best.

    Comment by BadIdea — January 7, 2010 @ 11:56 PM |Reply

  2. It’s only right if it’s right for both of you at the same time.

    Comment by cawritergirl — January 7, 2010 @ 11:59 PM |Reply

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