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January 11, 2010

Abundance: Recognizing the Fruit of Life

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When people hear the word abundance, most think of money, a wallet full of cash, pre-paid debit cards, etc.  Abundance is much more than money.  In fact, it appears in a variety of ways, some not related to money in any form whatsoever. 

Forms abundance can take:

  • For those who get bored easily, an abundance of work can make their hearts sing. 
  • For those who feel rushed, getting a day off gives them an abundance of time to spend on themselves and family.
  • For those who have large bills, abundance can appear in the form of a reduction in money owed.  This is actually quite common.  It doesn’t usually happen by itself, though.  You often have to come up with ways to reduce what you owe.  For example, you can scale down your cable television or cell phone bill by only keeping the options you use often.  If you don’t text all the time, then it doesn’t make sense to pay extra every month to have unlimited texting. 
  • People can have an abundance of friends which is often more important than an abundance of money.  Who can you always turn to when you need assistance?  A true friend. 
  • When you have food and a roof over your head and heat/air conditioning, you are blessed and abundant.

I’m sure that even in your darkest hour when you can’t see the abundance, someone else would notice something you possess that would raise your spirits if only you could see it. Really, abundance is all about your point of view.  You can cultivate more abundance in your lfie by making an extra effort to notice it all around you. 

Just remember, abundance can be as simple as finding a penny on the floor at the cash register when you are one penny short.  Seek and ye shall find.  Ask and it will be given to you.  Abundance is not only the fruit of your labor, it is the fruit of life.



  1. Abundance is, truly, a state of mind. It doesnt matter about your ‘stuff.’ You can feel abundant in a dumpster, or a mansion, either one.

    Comment by Caelan Huntress — May 13, 2010 @ 9:57 AM |Reply

    • I completely agree. It’s all in the mind. Here’s an example. Today, I drove to Dunkin Donuts because I wanted a donut for breakfast. I parked and opened my door. On the ground, there was a crumpled up dollar bill which was exactly how much money I needed for one donut. That’s abundance at work. It might be small, but it’s merely a vision of what can be on a larger scale.

      Comment by cawritergirl — May 13, 2010 @ 6:31 PM |Reply

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