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February 11, 2010

Be True to Yourself

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Do you often find yourself giving in to others when you would really rather not?  Do you find yourself going on a date with someone just because they asked, even though they don’t excite you in any way?  Did you end up in a job you hate, because you’re afraid you won’t be able to find another one?

It’s time to take a real hard look at what you’re doing to yourself.  What are you getting out of it?  You end up in a place that does not feel authentic to you. 

You need to get back to a place where you trust and respect your own instincts.  It does you no good to make everyone else happy and feel miserable all the time.  If everything in you is telling you “No”, don’t do it.  Trust that there is something there that is not in your best interests.

If you are already in this position, know that there are no mistakes in this life.  You have a lesson to learn.  Make sure you learn it this time around so that you don’t end up in the same situation over and over again.  Often we repeat the patterns–not even seeing the pattern unless someone else points it out to us. 

An essential tool to releasing this endless circle you may find yourself in is to be aware.  Be here now.  Pay attention to everything.  The slightest sign of discomfort is the first sign that you need to really think about what you’re doing before you act.  Discomfort may be a sign of growth, but here, I’m talking about something more than that.  Especially take note if you feel anything in your solar plexus.  This may signal that there is an issue where you are not acting on your own internal power.  If you are true to yourself, 99 percent of the time you will feel great.  When you deny your feelings and take action based on the beliefs of others, you won’t feel good.

Trust yourself.  Trust that you know what is best for you.  Don’t give your power over to others.  Take back control of your life starting now.  Be true to yourself.


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