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March 8, 2010

Taking the Next Step

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The next step in realizing your life purpose, or finding true love, or in any other aspect of your life  is not always obvious.  The first step is to know where you are now.  That might sound easy but is actually the most difficult step of all for most people.  How can you know which direction to go in to meet your gradiose goals if you don’t have an inkling of where you are? 

This will take some time and quiet contemplation on your part.  Find some time to get away by yourself in nature.  This won’t work if you have lots of people around you demanding your attention.  You need privacy and long stretches of uninterrupted time. 

Go to the natural area you like best.  It could be the desert, ocean, forest, river, farmland–whatever makes you feel most like yourself and not distracted from your purpose.  Quiet your thoughts, and see what impressions you get from the world around you.  Keep in mind that anything that crosses your path could be part of the message for you.  Animals have spiritual symbolism that can easily be looked up online.  For example, if you see a hawk flying overhead, it might be a message for you to be like the hawk, riding air currents, not flapping your wings all the time, waiting until exactly the right moment to capture your prey. 

The first step is acknowledging where you are now.  The next step is to decide where you want to go.  Once you have a destination, the steps in between should fall into place effortlessly.  When you are on your correct path, things are not difficult.  You don’t have to search for the next step.  It presents itself to you. 

Open yourself up to seeing the signs around you.  When an opportunity arises, take it.  Opportunities don’t sit around waiting for you to decide whether it’s the right time or right place.  They come by and you either take them or you don’t.  No doubt something else will come along in due time, but if THIS opportunity is the one you want, don’t let fear keep you from pursuing it.  There is no room for regret in this life.  Take that next step.


March 4, 2010

Letting the New into Your Life

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Okay, I can definitely feel that spring is in the air.  The Goddess is stirring.  The birds are chirping, and construction work has begun again now that the snow is melted.  I am also allowing the new into my life.  I haven’t given many details in the past, but I am an engineer by education and a spiritual advisor/healer by inclination. 

Some of you might ask what a spiritual advisor/healer is.  Well, I have been using reiki for a while, but I recently began working with unicorns in my healing work.  The energy is very powerful for healing.  I have also begun to use nature’s energy in my healing work.  However, the most exciting development thus far is that I have begun working as an advisor on Soul’s Journey Lightworkers (  My advisor name is Caryn444.  Instead of this small corner of the world where I can give people in person readings and healings, I am able to offer my services to the whole world.  People in any country can call me to receive a reading or some healing for whatever is concerning them.  I hope to be able to assist some of you with whatever is holding you back in your life. 

As I have allowed something new into my life, so must you.  Spring is the perfect time to begin new ventures.  And don’t be afraid to take chances.  Snatch at opportunities before they can pass you by.  Yes, more will come along, but do you want to forever be in waiting mode?  No!  You want to fully experience life in all its glory.  Go for it!!

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