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December 1, 2010

Search Engine Optimization for your Spiritual Website

If you are clueless about where to start with optimizing your website, I can help.  I’ve been doing this for seven months and can offer assistance.  It is important to use the right keywords in both your text on your site and in keywords and meta keywords (if your webhost supports this).  Certain keywords are overused and result in you competing with big name companies.  In other words, you can’t compete, and you website might be on the fifth or sixth page of search results, if it can be found at all.  You want to use the correct keywords so that the people who you can help the most can find you! 

When you send me a message to express interest, send me a link to your site, and I will take a look to determine how long I think it will take to evaluate your website and give you a quote based on that.  Prices will be based on number of pages, complexity, number of modalities offered, etc.  Keep in mind that the more modalities you offer, the longer it will take to optimize.  It is also important to note that results will vary, and it may take some time to notice any increased traffic to your site.  You may want to have the website re-evaluated 3-6 months after performing the initial  optimization. 

All paid services will include having your link listed on both my blog ( and website (  We can all help each other in this way. 

Prices start at $100 USD.  I will need access to your website to edit text for keywords and potentially for clarity based on the most advantageous keywords for you.  Email me at for more specific information relating to how I can help you.


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