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December 16, 2010

I Can’t Be Like Them

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Last Night, I attended a Green Career Networking event about an hour + away from where I live.  It caught my attention.  It sounded interesting.  I am really and truly interested in sustainability for us and the earth.  There is a course available for some through the unemployment office which is a Green Careers Certificate program.  It sounds more like a how to choose the right job for you and interview for it type of thing more than a training. 

The event was held at a Hyatt Regency hotel, very nice.  There were maybe 10-12 people there.  They had us all introduce ourselves.  There were two types of people.  One type was currently looking for a job.  The other type was supremely unsatisfied with their current life.  So, you’re already starting off at a lower vibration than you want to. 

After this brief introduction, they had us “network” which really means to just start talking randomly to whoever is in front of you.  So, I start talking to this one guy who gave a webinar earlier in the day about “preparing for your interview.”  I told him that I didn’t prepare at all for the phone interview and was told that I was in the top two and called back the next day to come in for an interview.  He was so blocked up by what he believes that he couldn’t even hear what I was saying!  He started saying that people will tell you anything and then not call you back.  I explained that they DID call me back.  He was arguing with me that I have to spend all this time “rehearsing” my answers to imaginary questions. 

Maybe that’s why all these people are still looking–because they are listening to people like him.  Doesn’t he know that people can tell when you’re giving them a  line?  Maybe not.

Then–and I believe this is the reason I was at the event–near the end I sat next to this older woman.  She was talking about how there are no jobs available in her field and what a hard time she is having.  I asked if she took this certificate program and she said no.  She told me she had taken a  “green purchasing” certificate.  As she was telling me about it, she got so excited saying that she learned so much.  I just looked at her and said, you have so much knowledge and experience in this field, have you considered starting your own consulting firm in which you “outsource” the purchasing department for companies that don’t have one.  She looked at me and said that no she had never thought about it and it sounded like a good idea.  I sincerely hope that she does look into it. 

These people are so downtrodden that they don’t even see possibilities that are right in front of their faces.  She has everything she needs to support herself and her family and is letting that go by because she is caught up in the “I’m unemployed” mentality that doesn’t help anyone. 

I don’t believe that this group is really helping anything.  It feels like they are more perpetuating the “everything is horrible” feeling that has taken over lots of people. 

These people need to be exposed to good vibes.  ALL people need to be exposed to good vibes.  These groups are more like support groups that encourage you in your complaints and fear and give places for people to congregate and commiserate about their negativity.  People seem to have lost their imagination.  We need to keep ours alive.


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