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January 27, 2011

It’s all about Timing

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In our society we’re taught that we can have anything we want at any time we want.  When we don’t get what we think we desire immediately, we get frustrated, lost, angry.  But have you realized that it is often very rare that you get what you want WHEN you want it?  Yes, the Law of Attraction can bring you everything that is a match to you, but maybe–and this is somewhat radical, I know–now isn’t the time.  I truly believe that things come to us when the time is right and when we are ready for them which is not necessarily when we ask for them! 

It’s time to think before you ask.  Know in your heart that if you actually received what you were asking for when you asked for it, you would probably not be able to appreciate it.  Either that, or you would realize that you didn’t actually want what you were asking for after all; you only thought you did! 

There is a lot to be said for patience.  I’ll give an example.  On November 22, 2010, I put in a request to volunteer to perform reiki on patients at a nearby hospital.   I heard from the coordinator right away.  I followed through and filled out the application.  I sent out my three reference forms–one of which was to a physician.  I have no idea why they require this.  The next week, I called and spoke to the nurse in charge of the program and was very excited to get started.  Then, I heard nothing.  About a month went by.  I spoke to one of my friends to make sure she remembered to send it it.  But the thing that was holding everything up was the physician’s reference! 

So, I called them.  And I called them again.  Someone finally said to me, “Oh, you MAILED it in.  We usually do this by Fax.”  To be proactive, I emailed the coordinator at the hospital and had her fax another form over.  I called the doctor’s office.  I called again.  And again.  Finally, TODAY, January 27, 2011, they received the physician’s reference.  I had to wait over two months since the idea came.  Now, I am waiting to arrange an orientation.  Once that happens I will be good to go! 

Patience.  Is there a reason why nothing seemed to happen no matter how hard I tried, then all of a sudden it happened all at once?  I don’t know.  Maybe they needed time.  Maybe I needed time.  It is Winter.  That is when the world and everything in it, including our ideas and dreams, seem to hibernate.  Personally, I know that everything always happens in divine perfect timing.  As they say, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”  Take it to heart.

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