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February 10, 2012

Spotlight on the Environment Online Radio by CarynConnolly | Blog Talk Radio

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Spotlight on the Environment Online Radio by CarynConnolly | Blog Talk Radio.


February 1, 2012

Asking for Support in my Vision

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I had someone call into work tonight for support on installing a piece of software and somehow we ended up talking about Hawaii.  He had lived there, on Oahu, for 14 years.  He said it’s expensive, but I knew that.  He also recommended at least a visit very highly.

I also read today that first comes the desire and then comes the means for attaining that desire.  So, I do have a desire to go to Hawaii.  I’m feeling it’s a desire to move there.  I don’t know for how long, or when, or necessarily for what purpose.  I’m considering the University of Hawaii School of Law.
It seems as if the Universe is ready to support me, and it is ME who is holding things up.  I know that this can be a reality with support from the Angels and my friends.  I can see the reality of it.  I know that anything is possible and decisions should not be made based on financial concerns.  If it is for my highest good, the money will flow as will everything else.

It’s time to allow the good into my life in the fullest measure.  It’s time to accept the help and guidance of the angels and of other people if the angels send their assistance through them in the form of friends, jobs, clients, gifts, or prizes or anything else that I have not yet visualized at this moment.
There is nothing the Universe can’t do to assist me in reaching my full potential and actualizing my true Life’s Purpose.  There is no purpose that is too big or too expensive to bring into existence.  We are only limited if we allow ourselves to be.  We are truly limitless beings on so many levels.  I am ready to unlimit myself and stop allowing other people’s limitations to interfere with my path and my growth.
I request the assistance of all the angels in Heaven to watch over me and my purpose and to guide me clearly and effortlessly on the right path to bringing my purpose fully into physical reality.  I accept it and know that it is good and right for me to be all that I was meant to be in the blueprint of my soul where everything is possible.

I’ve made a commitment to myself that any “extra” money that comes in that is not from my salary, I’ll put 50% in my savings account AKA Hawaii Fund.  So far, I’m up to $750.  That’s almost the cost of a plane ticket to get there.  Everything else has to go towards paying my bills and paying down my debt.  So, if anybody wants a reading or healing, I’ll do them for $45 USD.  I’m also selling some special crystals and am willing to work with you on the prices.  For a reading or healing, you can send payment by Paypal to

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