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October 26, 2012

Can GMOs Make You Fat?

One of the most widely available genetically-modified crops (I’ll refer to them as GMOs from this point forward) is Corn.  It might not have occurred to you that eating GMOs could make you fat, but the mechanism by which this works will become quite clear.  If you read the label of nearly every processed food on the market, you will see some form of corn listed:  high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, corn sugar.  When it says just “sugar”, the sugar is often processed from GMO sugar beets.  While it isn’t corn, it is also genetically-modified.  Corn syrup is highly addictive.  You may WANT to eat less, but it will make you eat MORE.  Eating foods with corn syrup will cause cravings for more sugary foods.  This in turn will affect your blood sugar and lead to major mood changes which could include anger, irritability, apathy, depression and even bipolar-type symptoms in those who experience the extreme highs and lows of blood sugar.  When you start messing with your blood sugar, you can easily become insulin resistant which is a precursor to diabetes.  You eat more food.  You’re body becomes resistant to it.  Your body becomes unable to deal with it at all, and you begin to pack on the pounds.

Now, I’m sure some readers will want to argue at this point that it is not a GMO issue but a sugar or corn issue, but the reality is, unless you buy organic food exclusively, you will be exposed to GMO corn derivatives at nearly every meal and snack.  Since it’s a safe bet that most people are NOT currently eating exclusively organic food, I would assert that this IS a GMO issue.  Many of the healthier options in the organic section of the supermarket will have less sugar than what you will find in a typical meal.  The sweeteners may also be different.  Typically you will find organic sugar cane or evaporated sugar cane juice as the sweetener.

I speak from experience when I say that GMO sweetened foods tend to be much sweeter.  When you begin to add fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet and derive “sweetness” in your diet from their natural complex sugars, you lose the cravings for corn syrup sweetened foods and in fact may not even want to eat them at all.  If you are experiencing any of the mood swings associated with a sugar addiction and sugar cravings, you may want to try a little experiment.  I’m not even going to insist that you buy organic at this point.  Just go to your local produce section and buy some fruit–anything you like.  Apples tend to last longer than other fruit, so you may want to get a whole bag.  Every day for a week, make sure you eat some fresh, whole fruit.  Don’t add any sweetener or sugar to it.  You can sprinkle some cinnamon on the apple if you like.  Don’t cook the fruits or make them into a dessert.  Just eat the plain, unadulterated fruit.  Maybe make a note of how you feel after eating it.  See if you feel any different.  See if you still want as many servings of processed foods as you did before. This is the first step to breaking out of the cycle of sugar addiction precipitated by the omnipresence of GMO corn in the typical American diet.


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