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July 28, 2012

Recognizing the Energy of Prosperity in your Life

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This is quoted from the Abundance Book by John Randolph Price in The 40 Day Prosperity Plan.  I will be taking you on a journey to your internal core of prosperity and abundance.  Just remember that the energy was always within you.  You just have to recognize it.

We start by meditating on and reading the following words:

“This day, Sunday, July 29, 2012, I cease believing in visible money as my supply and my support, and I  view the world of effect as it truly is . . . simply an outpicturing of my former beliefs.  I believed in the power of money, therefore I surrendered my God-given power and authority to an objectified belief.  I believed in the possibility of lack, thus causing a separation in consciousness from the Source of my supply.  I believed in mortal man and carnal conditions, and through this faith gave men and conditions power over me.  I believed in the mortal illusion created by the collective consciousness of error thoughts, and in doing so, I have limited the Unlimited.  No more!  This day I renounce my so-called humanhood and claim my divine inheritance as a Be-ing of God.  This day I acknowledge God and only God as my substance, my supply and my support.”


June 25, 2012

The Road to Success Day 56

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I am through with using up my energy hiding my light.  It is time to let everyone see the radiance of my true being.  It cannot really be hidden anyway.  Pretending to be something other than what I am only leads to stress in my life.  When I am being truly authentic, everyone sees and knows what I stand for.  Hiding doesn’t serve me or the world.  It is time to let my light shine out for all to see.  The power of my light may be blinding to some, but it will attract those of similar intensity to me.  The world will be better for it.

June 23, 2012

The Road to Success Day 54

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I was taught to look outside myself for validation. What others thought was right was more Important than what I sensed and knew was right in my inner being. This led to a fear of expressing my heart’s true desires outwardly in the world. What would people think? How would they react? And so I allowed my inner voice to slumber . . . . But it was a restless slumber. My soul longed to express itself, but I denied it, creating a blockage in my energy. Stopping the energy in my physical body instead of allowing it to flow through creates dis-ease and emotional pain. Every energetic level of who I am is affected when I hold back. It is easy to allow my body and soul to do what they were created to do. I release the blockages that were holding me back from realizing my paradise on Earth and blossom in to what I was always meant to be.

June 19, 2012

The Road to Success Day 50

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I am fully aware of my spiritual essence.  This awareness was hard won.  After years of being indoctrinated into human society, I was made aware that I am a spiritual being filled with light.  My inner light brings joy to both me and the world around me.  When I radiate my special essence out towards others, they are drawn to me like moths to a flame.  They see what I am and know that it is also possible for them to realize it.  Once they see it, they know it exists and have something to strive for.  They realize, as I realize, that despite appearances, life is an adventure to be lived fully.  I follow my guidance to find the way to transmute the sadness of the world into joy.

June 14, 2012

The Road to Success Day 49

I was just listening to a replay of Doreen Virtue’s weekly radio show on Hay House Radio, and then I read the meditation for today.  This is confirmation that it is time for all of us to work on our life missions.  I devote myself to performing the actions I came to Earth to perform.  I am a light in the darkness for those who see none.  I am like no other person in the world.  There is no need to compete for my place in the world because no one else can do my part.  I have unique skills and creative abilities that no one else possesses.  I have no fear of expressing my truth and expect others to do so as well.  We all play our part in this lovely, beautiful world.  I open myself up to see and FEEL the beauty that surrounds me.

June 12, 2012

The Road to Success Day 46

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Today, I realize that no parts of me are separate.  I must accept and integrate all parts of my self and my being and shine all that I am out into the world.  Since separation is only an illusion, it causes a disturbance in my vibration to focus on that dichotomy.  There is no need to worry that I will not be accepted for some small part of myself.  When I accept myself fully, others accept me as well.  I can then fully step into my greatness and offer all of me in service to the world and those in it.  I am complete.

June 9, 2012

The Road to Success Day 43

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My intuition serves me very well. I know deep in my heart the things that I need to do. It is a simple matter to follow through on my guidance and act on my dreams. As I become more comfortable with acting on my desires, I feel increasing joy and enthusiasm for those tasks. I am happy to finally realize that these things were mine all along and not actions seemingly forced on me by others.

June 6, 2012

The Road to Success Day 40

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I accept and love myself as I am. Any fears that come up are solely ego-based and have no true basis in reality. My imagination is much bigger than my fears.

The first action I take to allow in that love is to practice radical acceptance of the way things truly are in my life. I don’t need to change other people or circumstances to change the way I feel about myself.

May 13, 2012

The Road to Success Day 17

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As I become more clear in my intentions that I radiate into the world, those people and circumstances that no longer serve me drop away efforlessly.  By the Law of Attraction, only those things that are a match for my current vibration can remain in my life.  I may not even realize the changes at first.  To me, my change has been so subtle that I may not even notice it.  However, everyone I come in contact with is aware of the changes in me.

I don’t miss the things that have slipped out of my life.  I needed to weed them out to make room for more appropriate people and situations to enter my life.  I would no sooner want to get stuck in the past, then I would want to live soley in the future.  My time is now to present an accurate representation of who I am.  I am in Integrity.  I draw those who share this vibration to me now.

May 4, 2012

The Road to Success Day 8

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I am at peace. My mind tries to control everything, but when I am at peace, my mind relaxes and has no desire to control anything. It just relaxes into what is, not attempting to orchestrate what will be. From this feeling of peace, my mind allows the opportunities that are in my best and highest good to flow to me. I step through the doors that open for me without undue thought or consideration because I know they are the next right step for me. I don’t need to know what’s going to happen 10 steps down the road. I accept all help that is offered because I know these people were put in my path for just this purpose. My life is flowing so smoothly it is not difficult to imagine that it was choreographed by a divine hand.

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