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August 1, 2012

Full Moon Release August 2012

There will be two full moons this month–August 1 and August 31.  For those of you who aren’t aware, the time of the full moon is the time to release those things that are holding you back and (hopefully) gently allow in those things that will better serve us in our lives.  When there are two full moons within one month, as happens occasionally due to the 13 moons in the year and the 12 calendar months, this energy is amplified.

June 2012 Full Moon

There are several ways to release.  It is best to do these things either on the day of the full moon or within a day or so before or after when the energies are strongest.

  1. Determine what you want to release.  This can be unhealthy attachments to people, places, things, past events, and emotional connections that are draining you.
  2. Honor your resistance.  You are attached to these things for a reason.  They give you comfort.  You might not WANT to give them up, but you know it is best for you.  So as to honor your truest self, you decide to release these things to allow yourself to move forward.
  3. Write them down.  Make a list.  Make it concrete on paper so you can see it in black and white.  This is a true radical acceptance of those things that you feel you can’t change and want to give up to the divine for transmutation.
  4. Destroy the paper.  I know that sounds rather drastic, but since the paper is a symbolic representation of those things you wish to release, you need to thoroughly destroy the paper.  There are several ways to do this.  You can tear up the paper.  You can shred the paper.  You can “drown” the paper in a bowl of water or flush it down the toilet after tearing it up into small pieces.  Or you can burn it in a fireproof container.  I prefer to burn it and usually do this in my metal singing bowl.  This reminds me of the way in which native peoples burned herbs to carry their prayers up to Heaven.  I feel that it serves the same purpose.
  5. Repeat the ceremony at the next full moon.

The time of the Full Moon is an emotional time for us all.  Performing this exercise may lead to emotional outbursts and crying.  It is best to do it either when you are alone or in a circle of close supportive friends who will all be participating.  You want to be gentle with yourself while at the same time remaining strong and committed to making positive changes in your life.  And so it is.


July 9, 2012

The Road to Success Day 59

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I finally accept that I can do anything my heart desires.  There is nothing that I cannot do if I truly want it.  Impossible is not a word in my vocabulary.  I despair over whether others will ever see the world as I do.  I can see all the possibilities inherent in life.  I open to them and welcome them in.  When I take time to review my past experiences, I also see how many things that should have been impossible were not.  That gives me hope that things in the future will also operate in the same fashion.  I have the power within me to be much more than I ever imagined.  I commit to using that power for the benefit of all.

June 14, 2012

The Road to Success Day 49

I was just listening to a replay of Doreen Virtue’s weekly radio show on Hay House Radio, and then I read the meditation for today.  This is confirmation that it is time for all of us to work on our life missions.  I devote myself to performing the actions I came to Earth to perform.  I am a light in the darkness for those who see none.  I am like no other person in the world.  There is no need to compete for my place in the world because no one else can do my part.  I have unique skills and creative abilities that no one else possesses.  I have no fear of expressing my truth and expect others to do so as well.  We all play our part in this lovely, beautiful world.  I open myself up to see and FEEL the beauty that surrounds me.

May 28, 2012

The Road to Success Day 32

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When I committed to myself 32 days ago, I decided to distance myself from those things that were leading to worry and unhappiness in my life. Detachment from concerns of the world has led me to focus on more important issues.  Instead of giving my time and energy to worries and doubt, I devote myself to making myself a better person in all respects.  I have no need to prove myself to the world.

Anything that seems to be related to lack is no longer a part of my consciousness.  Focusing on these illusions lowers my vibration so that I am not able to see the light within and around me.  I open up to seeing the light in everyone and everything around me.  It is there.  With knowing and intent, I find it.

I release and cut energetic cords to those people, places, and circumstances that no longer serve me.  I am a light in the world, and my light is dimmed when I allow others to siphon it for their own benefit.  I give freely to others when I feel guided, but in the ordinary course of my daily life, I keep my energy separate from those around me.

May 26, 2012

Halfway Through! The Road to Success Day 30

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I know this is only the start of my journey.  The whole multitude of paths lies before me, awaiting only my choice and direction to take me where I want to go. I cannot allow myself the luxury of indecision.  Joy comes with making a decision and sticking with it.  I know that once the decision is made, the outcome is inevitable.  I am successful.

Making a decision fulfills me.  I know I have a destination.  I know I have the skills to reach the destination.   More than just utilizing my skills in the highest way possible, I enjoy the road ahead.  I feel meaning and joy in my everyday activities.  I feel the urge for growth and expansion in every direction.  More importantly, I know it is possible.  I am inspired to make magnificent changes in my life and share them with others along the way. And so, the road to success begins again.

May 20, 2012

The Road to Success Day 24

I cannot say that I don’t know what my heart’s true desire really is because my heart knows.  In fact, whether I’m consciously aware of it or not, my heart is already acting on its deepest desires.  I can try to hide it from myself and others by ignoring the guidance from within, but if I do that I am blocking the truest expression of my soul.

Right now, I commit to following my guidance.  I choose not to second guess every decision.  I know this is for my highest good and the good of those around me.  It might seem difficult now, but in time, it will become second nature to express my deep needs and desires outwardly.

May 16, 2012

The Road to Success Day 20

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Starting today, I choose to focus on my spiritual guidance. I refuse to make decisions based solely on logic and thought. I recognize that some of the best decisions I’ve ever made went completely against conventional wisdom. My soul knows exactly what it wants in each area of my life. My only job is to pause–stop thinking–and listen to the still small voice within that is so easily drowned out by. The logical thinking mind that is normally used to make the most important choices.

I commit to take action in my life. When I feel a true desire to do something, I will take immediate action on it. This ensures that I will never miss an opportunity to allow success into my life.

May 15, 2012

The Road to Success Day 19

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I have special skills and abilities that no one else possesses. I do not need to compete for my place in the world. This is a revelation because the world teaches that there is scarcity and we must fight with others and someone will succeed while everyone else will fail. I see that as the illusion it is and know that there is enough complexity in the Universe for everyone to do what brings them the most joy.

I know that I have a purpose. I open and allow that purpose to manifest in my life in its best and highest expression. I am like no other being on earth and am able to create success in my life. I commit to using my creativity in new ways that draw abundance to me. I see an abundance of love and success wherever I look.

April 28, 2012

The Road to Success Day 2

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I have fully committed to my self-development.  I am committed to actuing healthfully towards my body and mind.  I remove myself from situations that focus on lack, dis-ease, and anything else that prevents me from expressing my true inner being.  I am deliberately detaching myself from anything relating to my individual life, such as debts, fears, possessions, and any sense of lack whatsoever, that keep me so entrenched in the future that I can’t enjoy the NOW.  I ask Archangel Michael to remove the cords by shining his torch of illumination on them and showing them for what they are–mere illusions that are easily dissolved.  I ask my EGO to step aside and allow the divine wisdom that flows through all things to now rule my emotions.  I surrender the need to control and allow myself to feel.

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