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July 20, 2012

The Road to Success Day 60

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As I come to this first “ending” of the road, which is really just another beginning, I see how far I’ve come.  When I viewed myself as a single individual responsible for creating massive change against enormous odds, I felt useless and impotent.  Now, after having  meditated on what it means to be successful, I know that all roads lead us to living in collaboration with the world around us and accepting what is before we can try to make a change.  Accept what is, but don’t be complacent.  Change starts with you.  If you don’t realize that the same hopes and dreams that live in you live in your neighbor, you will want to fight him and compete with him for what you consider a limited resource.  Energy is unlimited.  Just open up and let more in if you feel you are a little short of it.  People WILL help you if you ask.  There is love and support out there for ALL.  Show how successful you are today by being the love and support for someone else.  You will see and feel the reality of true success.  Live success now.  Be success forever.


May 15, 2012

The Road to Success Day 19

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I have special skills and abilities that no one else possesses. I do not need to compete for my place in the world. This is a revelation because the world teaches that there is scarcity and we must fight with others and someone will succeed while everyone else will fail. I see that as the illusion it is and know that there is enough complexity in the Universe for everyone to do what brings them the most joy.

I know that I have a purpose. I open and allow that purpose to manifest in my life in its best and highest expression. I am like no other being on earth and am able to create success in my life. I commit to using my creativity in new ways that draw abundance to me. I see an abundance of love and success wherever I look.

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