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August 1, 2012

Full Moon Release August 2012

There will be two full moons this month–August 1 and August 31.  For those of you who aren’t aware, the time of the full moon is the time to release those things that are holding you back and (hopefully) gently allow in those things that will better serve us in our lives.  When there are two full moons within one month, as happens occasionally due to the 13 moons in the year and the 12 calendar months, this energy is amplified.

June 2012 Full Moon

There are several ways to release.  It is best to do these things either on the day of the full moon or within a day or so before or after when the energies are strongest.

  1. Determine what you want to release.  This can be unhealthy attachments to people, places, things, past events, and emotional connections that are draining you.
  2. Honor your resistance.  You are attached to these things for a reason.  They give you comfort.  You might not WANT to give them up, but you know it is best for you.  So as to honor your truest self, you decide to release these things to allow yourself to move forward.
  3. Write them down.  Make a list.  Make it concrete on paper so you can see it in black and white.  This is a true radical acceptance of those things that you feel you can’t change and want to give up to the divine for transmutation.
  4. Destroy the paper.  I know that sounds rather drastic, but since the paper is a symbolic representation of those things you wish to release, you need to thoroughly destroy the paper.  There are several ways to do this.  You can tear up the paper.  You can shred the paper.  You can “drown” the paper in a bowl of water or flush it down the toilet after tearing it up into small pieces.  Or you can burn it in a fireproof container.  I prefer to burn it and usually do this in my metal singing bowl.  This reminds me of the way in which native peoples burned herbs to carry their prayers up to Heaven.  I feel that it serves the same purpose.
  5. Repeat the ceremony at the next full moon.

The time of the Full Moon is an emotional time for us all.  Performing this exercise may lead to emotional outbursts and crying.  It is best to do it either when you are alone or in a circle of close supportive friends who will all be participating.  You want to be gentle with yourself while at the same time remaining strong and committed to making positive changes in your life.  And so it is.


December 20, 2010

Solstice, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse

This month the Winter Solstice, full moon, and total lunar eclipse will all be occurring on the same day.  This is a time of very powerful energies for all of us.  I have been feeling major shifts in energy for the past month or so.  It feels as if a new world is about to be birthed, and we are all a part of that.  

December 19, 2010

The Full Moon is the perfect time for releasing that which no longer serves you.  The Full Moon will coincide with a total lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010, the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.  I took a photograph of the moon two days before when it was 98% full.  What you may not know is that the energies of the Full Moon are often powerful for three days before or after, so if you plan on doing ceremony, it does not have to be at the precise time of the Full Moon.  This part of the lunar cycle is the perfect time to release anything that you feel is holding you back from becoming what you most want to be.  A very simple ceremony you can do for yourself is to take some time to meditate on what you need to release.  When you are able to articulate it, write it down on a piece of paper.  Putting the words on paper will make them more real for you than just going over them repeatedly in your mind.  If you can safely burn the paper, that is the best way to release the things you have not had the courage to release until now.  You can use your fireplace, a candle flame, or a bonfire!  The flame transmutes the energies.  You can also just tear up the paper and recycle it!  And, of course, have an idea of what you would like to bring into your life because you can be sure that once you release what has been holding you back, it will create a void that needs to be filled with wonderful things that are good for you! 

Moon on Dec. 19, 2010

Eclipses are times of significant change in our lives.  This eclipse seems to have been giving us some warning signs to prepare.  In our personal lives and world affairs, events have been manifesting at a much faster rate–or perhaps we just perceive them that way.  But then again, perception is everything.  This particular eclipse is going to occur in the middle of the night on the East Coast.  It is worth going outside to see it.  It looks like 1:30-2:45 a.m. EST may be the best time to see the Moon swallowed by the shadow of the Earth.   

98% Full Moon Dec. 19, 2010

The Winter Solstice is a special time.  The hours of daylight have been getting shorter and shorter.  At 2 p.m., it already looks like late afternoon, and the Sun has usually gone down by around 4 p.m.  As human beings, we tend to thrive in sunlight just as plants do.  We feel a need to hibernate as daylight grows shorter.  The Solstice marks a day of change, the day when hours of daylight almost imperceptively grow longer.  At first, we may not even notice it, but gradually we find ourselves growing more energetic.  The energy is building slowly towards spring.  We store up energy until one day we cannot hold back our joy.  Use this special time to celebrate life. 

July 28, 2010

Making Room for the New

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There comes a time when you realize that even if you don’t have a lot of things, you still have more than you need.  What do you do once you realize that?  Well, I decided to take everything off the surface of my desk and shelves and out of the drawers.  I put everything on the floor on the side of the room.  One by one, I put back the items I definitely knew I wanted to keep.  I still haven’t finished.  I have two bags of items to sell or give away.  I ended up putting some of the other items in paper bags until I feel ready to go through them.  The energy of the space felt much better when every single item except my computer was taken off my desk.  I’ve moved things around–put things that were in cabinets in drawers–and felt the energy shift again. 

There are times when you need to shift and change the vibration of the energy around you.  When it gets stale, your life seems to stall and become stagnant.  What is required at that time is a shake-up.  The second you release something it leaves a void that can be filled by something better.  A good time to release is at the full moon.  We are just past the full moon, and that is when I started getting the message to release some of the things that no longer serve me. 

What is this new thing that you are making room for?  Good question.  The answer is not important.  It is not even important that you know the answer to your own question.  Just make room and see what the universe serves up for you.  It is guaranteed to be better than what you are releasing.

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