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July 20, 2012

The Road to Success Day 60

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As I come to this first “ending” of the road, which is really just another beginning, I see how far I’ve come.  When I viewed myself as a single individual responsible for creating massive change against enormous odds, I felt useless and impotent.  Now, after having  meditated on what it means to be successful, I know that all roads lead us to living in collaboration with the world around us and accepting what is before we can try to make a change.  Accept what is, but don’t be complacent.  Change starts with you.  If you don’t realize that the same hopes and dreams that live in you live in your neighbor, you will want to fight him and compete with him for what you consider a limited resource.  Energy is unlimited.  Just open up and let more in if you feel you are a little short of it.  People WILL help you if you ask.  There is love and support out there for ALL.  Show how successful you are today by being the love and support for someone else.  You will see and feel the reality of true success.  Live success now.  Be success forever.


June 10, 2012

The Road to Success Day 45

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When I look around me, I choose to see the beauty and light in everything.  I not only see the light in other beings, but I choose to consciously radiate that light back to others.  I feel the energy expanding within me, and the energy translates into love.  When I feel love for every living being on the earth, illusions and labels make no difference.  I am filled with an abundance of happiness, and know that eventually others will also recognize this aspect of themselves.

The Road to Success Day 44

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I am filled with such joy and happiness at the inner knowing I have received concerning my soul’s true desires.  This spills out into my everyday life.  When I smile, it radiates from within into the world outside.  People may not know what precisely it is that is shining forth, but they feel good, and that is all that matters.  That radiation of love and joy translates into success in all avenues of life.  Once the flow has started, I cannot stop it, and so, it manifests into very visible forms of success.  I begin by attracting people into my life and making sure I keep those who share a similar belief system nearby.  That support keeps the continual stream of abundance from drying up.

June 6, 2012

The Road to Success Day 40

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I accept and love myself as I am. Any fears that come up are solely ego-based and have no true basis in reality. My imagination is much bigger than my fears.

The first action I take to allow in that love is to practice radical acceptance of the way things truly are in my life. I don’t need to change other people or circumstances to change the way I feel about myself.

May 31, 2012

The Road to Success Day 35

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I have given up the search.  It is pointless for me to ask, ask, ask for things that seem to not appear.  It only seems that way because I am looking for them to appear in the ways, shapes, and forms that I have imagined.  I am not allowing the Universe to bring me my desires in the fastest most direct way because I cannot see the way.  The illusion that I am lacking something I desire has nearly overcome me.

But I know that there is nothing I need that I don’t already have.  It is there if I open my eyes to see it and take off those blinders that won’t let it appear in a form other than that which exists in my imagination.  I have forgotten that there are so many things that are even better than what I can imagine. 

With humility, I give up all control and allow the fullest expression of my desires to spring into being.  I am successful.  I am loved.  My life is filled with an abundance of everything good.

May 7, 2012

The Road to Success Day 11

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I AM.  I am one with the Universe.  I am one with all that is.  I open myself up to allow myself to be.  No more hiding, or burying, or belittling who I am.  I am worthy of everything my mind can imagine or my heart can feel.   I am love.  I am joy.  My life shows others the way to success on all levels.  And so it is.

June 14, 2010

What Motivates You?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself lately.  Why am I doing the things I’m doing?  Is it purely by rote?  I’ve begun to realize that motivation is a very important aspect of anything we put out in the world.  We all know that we need to have money to survive, but what do you do to make that money?  How do you feel about what you do for money?  Does it empower you? 

This feels like Twenty Questions, but it’s worth thinking about.  It’s one thing when you go to work for a paycheck, but what about when you are working for yourself?  Do you just sell or do or say things because you think those are the things people want to hear about or buy?  That could just be leading you into self-sabotage.  You can’t be everything for everybody, so the least you can do is be true to yourself and your needs. 

I read something today that I believe bears repeating.  It was that all websites should be useful.  What exactly does that mean?  I believe it means that you shouldn’t just have a website to tell people every single thing you can do for them.  You need to consider others before yourself. 

It all comes down to our beliefs about ourselves.  Do you believe that you are worthy?  Do you believe that whatever product or service you are selling will provide value to your clients?  Or are you only out to make a buck at whatever cost?  If that is the case, it will not work.  You may become frustrated and wonder why things aren’t picking up for you financially.  You might ask:  Where’s the abundance I’ve heard so much about? 

The answer is that abundance is all around you.  You should give because you want to, not because you think that someone will give you something of equal or greater value in return.  They may not give you anything in return, but if you are feeling guided to give, do it.  Hesitation will not get you where you want to go.  You need to remain open to everything in all of creation.  You can give in one place and receive from somewhere else.  There is no law that says that everything needs to be an equal exchange.  Don’t be hard on yourself if you feel like you’re giving and not receiving.  And this doesn’t apply to relationships in which one person gives their all and the other gives nothing.  That implies a certain disrespect.  Here, I am talking more in terms of money and financial abundance. 

Let Love motivate you.  Don’t be guided by competition.  Do you even know who your competition is?  Probably not who you think it is.  If everything you do is guided by love, there is no miscalculation.  Try to help others.  Provide a useful product or service.  Base this on what will most help others, and in turn, you will help yourself.  You will feel better about yourself in all aspects of your life.

February 11, 2010

Be True to Yourself

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Do you often find yourself giving in to others when you would really rather not?  Do you find yourself going on a date with someone just because they asked, even though they don’t excite you in any way?  Did you end up in a job you hate, because you’re afraid you won’t be able to find another one?

It’s time to take a real hard look at what you’re doing to yourself.  What are you getting out of it?  You end up in a place that does not feel authentic to you. 

You need to get back to a place where you trust and respect your own instincts.  It does you no good to make everyone else happy and feel miserable all the time.  If everything in you is telling you “No”, don’t do it.  Trust that there is something there that is not in your best interests.

If you are already in this position, know that there are no mistakes in this life.  You have a lesson to learn.  Make sure you learn it this time around so that you don’t end up in the same situation over and over again.  Often we repeat the patterns–not even seeing the pattern unless someone else points it out to us. 

An essential tool to releasing this endless circle you may find yourself in is to be aware.  Be here now.  Pay attention to everything.  The slightest sign of discomfort is the first sign that you need to really think about what you’re doing before you act.  Discomfort may be a sign of growth, but here, I’m talking about something more than that.  Especially take note if you feel anything in your solar plexus.  This may signal that there is an issue where you are not acting on your own internal power.  If you are true to yourself, 99 percent of the time you will feel great.  When you deny your feelings and take action based on the beliefs of others, you won’t feel good.

Trust yourself.  Trust that you know what is best for you.  Don’t give your power over to others.  Take back control of your life starting now.  Be true to yourself.

January 12, 2010

What is your Impact on those around You?

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Everyone creates an impact.  Just like everything is connected in some way, so are our actions connected.  Do you inspire or push away those that surround you.  By being positive in all your daily interactions, you cannot help but inspire those around you.  They don’t need to know your name or what you do for a living.  You give off a vibe that shows what you are really made of. 

You may think that no one notices when you do something nice for someone.  Whether a person notices or not, the energy around you has been altered.  Many people react to the energy of the people around them without knowing what they are reacting to.  They are blind in a world of unlimited expansion.  They can’t see half of what’s actually there.  If you only react to what appears on the surface, you will often be acting out of ignorance. 

It is time to wake up and see what is actually around you.  There’s no time for petty anger or other fleeting circumstances.  Feel it briefly, then let it go.  Be as a Buddhist.  Learn non-attachment.  Why become attached to things that are fleeting, anyway?  Be mindful of how your actions can be interpreted on the surface.  If you act from a place of love, than they will not be misinterpreted.  Misinterpretation comes from our own internal confusion.  When you aren’t attached to the outcome, confusion takes care of itself. 

Get ready to go out there and start the new day with a positive outlook.  Embrace the world with your positive energy.  Allow yourself to feel the energy of others.  Then, you will feel the connection.  Others have an impact on you as you do on them.  Change your attitude and change the world.

January 7, 2010

Tell All Your Friends that You Just Haven’t Met Him Yet

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Yes, we are all familiar with the Michael Buble song “Just Haven’t Met You.”  For a lot of us, this is our fantasy.  We wake up one day, and everything works out perfectly.  We finally have an explanation for why nothing has been going right in our love lives.  Past relationships are in the past. 

Do you believe in soulmates?  I do.  It’s not necessarily the one right man for me, but it might be the one right man for me based on where I choose to live or what I choose to do for a living–or whether I decide to go out on Saturday night or stay home.  It is my belief that I will meet my soulmate.  Even if I was supposed to me him on Tuesday and ended up staying home that day.  It will happen at another time.  You don’t miss out or lose your opportunities.  New opportunities pop up to replace the old. 

You do have to open your eyes and be aware to see the opportunities around you.  Some people only see faults and negativity in everything.  When looking for a soulmate–or really for any other purpose in your life–it’s best to have a positive outlook.  The quality of your interactions will immediately improve.  The quality of your LIFE will improve.  There’s no going back once you see how good it feels to approach life with a positive mindset. 

And when your friends talk to you about their husbands (or wives) or their children (and you are childless), there’s no reason at all to feel that you are less than they are.  You should just tell all your friends that you just haven’t met him yet.

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